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Belgian Limburg has a lot to offer for the Epicurean in all of us - on a recreational, gastronomic and sporting level.


Belgian Limburg consists of various areas, each with their own fertile and diverse landscape. Together they form a green, pure province where nature and landscape provide leverage for further economic development. The Hasselt region is a meeting point for ecology and economy.


Just like in the rest of Belgium, The Hasselt region provides a professional, customer-friendly and accessible healthcare system. The Belgian healthcare system is often considered to be one of the most advanced, best developed and most accessible in the world. Of the 300 hospitals in our country, 12 are located in Belgian Limburg.

Leisure time

Limburg is Flanders’ second largest tourist attraction after the Belgian coast:

  • the lovely landscape offers plenty of opportunities for open air recreation;
  • Belgian Limburg’s unique cycling route network spans more than 2,000 kilometres: Limburg is the ultimate place to bike;
  • Belgian Limburg has historic cities, a wide selection of castles and fabulous events;
  • The Hasselt region is also famous for its fruit production, typical beers and regional dishes;

Together these elements guarantee optimum enjoyment, particularly at the centre of true Limburg hospitality and tranquility. 

Hasselt, the capital of Limburg, is the third largest trade centre of Flanders. It is a paradise for shoppers and the capital of good taste. And just a stone’s throw from Hasselt is Maasmechelen Village, the outlet brand village.

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