Buy, rent or lease

Once you have decided to set up your business in Dutch Limburg, you have the choice of renting, leasing or buying land or buildings.

In addition, a ground lease is sometimes an option. Below is a short summary of the principal costs and obligations incurred in connection with the purchase and leasing of non-residential buildings in the Netherlands. However, the information provided does not apply to every situation. Certain aspects are negotiable. For more detailed information, you would be well advised to contact estate agents specialising in commercial property.

Important figures and information

  • No restrictions on foreign-owned property
  • Buyer’s transaction costs (as percentage of purchase price):
    • Real estate transfer tax: approx. 6%
    • Agent’s fee: 1 - 1.5%
    • Legal fees: 0.25 – 0.5%
    • VAT on transaction costs: 21.0% (deductible where owner is more than 90% liable for VAT)
  • User’s transaction costs (as percentage of annual rent):
    • No transfer tax
    • Agent’s fee: 8 – 16% of annual rent
    • VAT: 21.0% (deductible where owner is more than 90% liable for VAT)
    • No legal fees
  • Lease construction
    • Quarterly payments
    • Guarantee period for rent 3 months
    • Incentives. Interest-free period: 18-25% of lease period
    • Standard lease periods from 5 to 10 years (tendency to become shorter)
    • No statutory right of renewal
    • Interest rate review: as agreed
    • Annual indexation of interest rate
  • Responsibilities of lessor/lessee
    • Structural repairs: lessor
    • Repairs to leased premises: lessee
    • Maintenance of leased premises: lessee
  • Cancellation of lease agreement
    • Subletting/assignment of rights: lessor's permission required, not a standard contractual right
    • Premature termination: solely via a specific contract clause to this effect
    • Restoration to original condition: yes, except for normal wear and tear
  • Standardised lease terms
    • Basis of lease: in accordance with lettable floor area
    • Unit price: EUR per m² per annum
    • Excluding service charges, gas, water, power, VAT, alterations

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