Utilities and waste processing

Gas and electricity

The markets for gas and electricity have been quite competitive since the liberalisation of the energy market. You have a number of suppliers and tariffs to choose from.

The distribution network is managed by the inter-municipal operator Infrax. They are responsible for connecting your business to the gas and electricity mains. However, if you require large volumes of electricity and/.or gas, you can also connect directly to the transmission network:


In Belgian Limburg, “De Watergroep” is responsible for the water supply across almost the entire region. Large water consumers can also call upon the expertise of De Watergroep:

  • in optimising internal water flows
  • in supplying process water
  • in re-using waste water in the production process, etc.


In Belgian Limburg (and, by extension, Flanders), waste and waste processing is governed by the 'Waste Decree'. For further information, please contact:

  • the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM),
  • the environmental officer of the municipality in which you will be based.


Another ambition of POM Limburg is to identify waste streams on business parks and make the best use of them. For example, some hard work is currently being done on rolling out district heating systems on business parks in Ravenshout (Beringen/Ham/Tessenderlo) and Genk-Zuid. CO2 and methane are also being investigated at the present time.

For further information, contact: POM Limburg.


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