Supply and Disposal

The Region of Aachen has a reliable and comprehensive supply network as well as efficient disposal services.


  • Electricity

A large selection of electricity providers exist. With a simple click you are able to choose between an environmentally friendly electric supplier and the less expensive conventional electricity. Due to a healthy competitive market for electricity in the Region of Aachen, the prices are relatively low.

  • Water, gas, heating

A large pool of suppliers also exists for the supply of water, gas, and heating, enabling you to find a suitable partner for your operational needs.

  • Telecommunications

Over the last years, the German telecommunications market also experienced an increase in competition, resulting in significant price reductions. Broadband Internet connections cover almost the whole territory of the Region of Aachen. Mobile Internet is now standard and available through the fast UMTS and LTE networks and the supply with high-performance fiber optic connections will be further developed. The Region of Aachen is fully equipped to meet the high demands of the companies and its inhabitants.


Various environmental requirements must be met for the disposal of all kinds of waste:

  • strict guidelines for separating waste,
  • disposal of dangerous goods,
  • recycling…

Detailed information on company waste management is available at the respective district authorities and their municipalities.


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