INVEST IN EUROPE, LOCATE IN BELGIAN LIMBURG: the perfect business climate

The central location  of the Hasselt region at the heart of Europe forms an ideal base for your European expansion plans. Space to do business is Belgian Limburg’s greatest asset, as illustrated by the available business parks including adjacent lots of up to 90 hectares. The perfect location for company expansion or business relocation.

Local and foreign companies welcome

Belgian Limburg is renowned for its unique entrepreneur-friendly climate. Companies from more than 25 countries have already invested in the Hasselt region, bringing to the province a unique network of both local and international entrepreneurs.

Spearhead sectors in Belgian Limburg include:

  • Mechatronica
  • CleanTech
  • Smart Logistics
  • LifeTech
  • CreaTech

Productivity and flexibility

The labour market in Belgian Limburg brings key advantages to your company:

  • low absenteeism
  • a high degree of loyalty
  •  great language skills
  • strong analytical capabilities...

A competitive tax environment

Corporation tax in Belgian Limburg amounts to 33.99%. However, a wide range of tax cuts and subsidies is available for investors to effectively lower this percentage:

  • , the ‘notional interest deduction’: a deduction of taxable income by means of a fictitious interest rate, calculated on the basis of the company’s equity;
  • arrangements tailored to your investment via  a system of fiscal rulings...

A pleasant province to live in

The Hasselt-Genk urban area is the centre for administration, services and shopping. Belgian Limburg also offers picturesque urban centres, small parishes and extensive nature resorts. Belgian Limburg is synonymous with space for living!

Belgian Limburg and its people are constantly looking ahead, innovating and launching groundbreaking initiatives. While its relatively young population brings enthusiasm and dynamics to the area, the presence of a variety of nationalities contributes to a great religious, cultural and gastronomic wealth - a diversity that adds to Limburg’s hospitality.

Attractive commercial and industrial real estate

Valuable industrial land and commercial land is available in the areas of Aachen, Hasselt and Liege, and Maastricht. A large offer in commercial and industrial real estate includes office buildings, retail property, production halls, warehousing facilities, scientific research infrastructure… You can find commercial property and industrial plots and facilities for sale or for rent either in and around cities or in numerous business parks.


Below an overview of key information on Belgian Limburg :

Population:     849.404 (01/01/2012)
Area:    2.422,14 km²
Gross domestic product (GDP):  23.437,4 million (2011)
Companies:      94.278 (2010)
Employees:    368.681 (2011)
Universities:    1
University students:  2.824 (2011-2012)


Provinciale Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Limburg – POM Limburg
Kunstlaan 18
3500 Hasselt
tel. 011 30 01 00
fax. 011 30 01 01


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