Establishing a company

The set-up or establishment of a business in the Region of Aachen can be realized as quickly and easily for foreign companies as it is for German ones.

Company registration and legal form

The legal framework conditions of the company are defined through its legal form. This can be freely chosen based on the needs of the organization and the effects, for example, of possible limited liabilities and taxation aspects.

For a correct set-up of the company, various requirements must be met, depending on the field of entrepreneurial activity.

  • Specific requirements can be obtained by the municipalities and the economic chambers. IHK Aachen, HWK Aachen.
  • Business founders in the region must in all cases register their business at the relevant trade licensing office. Once this registration has taken place, the registration office automatically notifies the respective authorities, such as the Tax Office or the Chamber of Industry and Commerce / Chamber of Trade in Aachen.
  • According the individual legal form of the company, an additional entry at the commercial register may be necessary. This registration must be done through a public notary at the responsible local office.

Business environment and networks

For a successful integration of your business activities in the region:

  • Take advantage of a network of 14 technology and start-up centers in the Technology Region of Aachen. They offer convenient office buildings, production halls, warehousing sites and other supporting infrastructure.
  • Meet the staff of the various centers: they promote technology transfer and initiates networks.

For more information on company setup or about the Technology and Start-Up Centers: please check: (Gründerregion Aachen, Investor support and assistance).


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