Buying a plot of land on a business park

The plots of land on SPI business parks are eminently suitable for meeting the needs of businesses and are situated in an ideal business environment.


To reserve and purchase a plot of land through SPI, you follow a set procedure.

  • Your business must apply in writing to: or SPI, 11 rue du Vertbois, 4000 Liège, Belgium. You need to specify your requirements with regard to the site you wish to buy and the approximate surface area.
  • SPI acknowledges receipt of your application by return. This acknowledgement marks the start of the purchasing procedure and also of a two-month, free-of-charge reservation period.
  • In the course of these two months, the prospective buyer fills in a form (an ‘application to purchase a plot of land in a business park’) issued by SPI.
  • A charge is made for the actual reservation. Within one month after notification of SPI’s decision, the prospective buyer is required to transfer an amount equivalent to 10% of the value of the plot. If SPI has not received this amount within the specified period, the plot automatically becomes available again without SPI claiming any compensation. If the prospective buyer is still interested, he must go through the procedure from the beginning again.

Prices of plots of land

The prices of plots of land are determined by SPI’s executive committee. The prices are revised each year.

The purchase price is the price that applies on the date on which the reservation request is made. If the price changes between that date and the execution of the deed, the initial price will apply, provided that the prospective buyer has adhered to the purchasing procedure, especially with regard to the reservation charge.

As soon as the reservation charge has been paid, SPI will initiate the formalities in respect of signature of the purchase agreement. Signature will take place within three months after the provisional purchase contract has been sent out.

The following charges are payable in addition to the purchase price:

  • fee to cover notarial charges (registration fees of 12.5% and approximately EUR 200 in transfer costs),
  • survey fees.

The deed of purchase is drawn up free of charge by the Comité d’Acquisition d’Immeubles (SPF Finances).


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