Highly qualified workforce

Aachen offers flexible and transparent conditions for local and foreign companies.

The Technology Region Aachen offers a high potential of qualified, skilled labour, thanks to its renowned universities and large number of R&D institutes, in particular in the areas of engineering and science. Moreover, the labour market in the Aachen Region is supported through the dual German education system:

  • reduced training and recruitment costs,
  • practice-oriented and made-to-fit training.

Thus, your company is able to benefit from a large and well-trained workforce with a stable remuneration level. Remuneration can be freely negotiated and salary thresholds exist only for special areas of responsibility. Flexible employment models allow the employer to design various employment structures:

  • permanent employment,
  • ‘mini-job’
  • temporary employment.

For further information about the labour market in the Technology Region Aachen, please contact us.


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