Specific funding opportunities

An efficient financial support is available for local and foreign companies.

Strategic investment support

Enterprises that make strategic investments in the Flemish region are eligible for financial support in designated areas. The fundable investment amount must total at least EUR 1 to 7 million over a three-year period, depending on the type of project. The subsidy rate is 8 - 10% with a maximum grant of EUR 1 million. Proportionally, Belgian Limburg has the largest number of strategic investment zones.

Strategic education support

Enterprises undertaking ‘strategic’ education projects in Flanders are eligible for financial support. The fundable education costs must total at least EUR 100,000 for small enterprises and EUR 700,000 for medium to large-scale companies. The subsidy rate is 20 - 25% with a maximum grant of EUR 1 million.

Ecology incentive

Financial support is available for enterprises seeking to make ecological investments in the Flemish Region, provided the technology used is included in a “limitative technology list” (LTL). The subsidy rate is 5 - 30% with a maximum grant of EUR 1 million.

Innovation support

IWT (agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie), the agency for Innovation through Science and Technology, offers initial support for innovation (any product, process or service that is new or innovative to both the company and the sector). Companies can receive grants within certain innovation projects and R&D cases. One of the subsidised projects initiated by IWT involves the so-called ‘Baekeland’ mandates, offering researchers the opportunity to conduct a doctorate project in close cooperation with businesses.


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