Attractive grants and financial support

Dutch Limburg offers attractive financial packages

The economic ambitions of the Dutch Province of Limburg are directed towards harmonious business development.

The main levers are:

  •  providing facilities for existing businesses
  •  an active innovation policy
  •  creating new businesses to strengthen the knowledge economy.

The Province of Limburg actively collaborates with the business community and knowledge institutions to stimulate and strengthen the knowledge economy. In this way, they produce a distinctive web of interconnected clusters, both by collaborating with leading international companies in the region and by stimulating a vital, resilient and innovative small business sector. With the support of local authorities, the Province of Limburg is for example trying to strengthen the developed knowledge infrastructure.

Financial support

A variety of financial support options are available to businesses in Dutch Limburg.

The Dutch government provides guarantee schemes for innovative SMEs.

  • SME Credit Guarantee Scheme (BMKB)
  • Large and Medium-sized Companies Credit Guarantee Scheme (GO)
  • Innovation Credit Scheme.

A number of grants are available from the Province of Limburg for SMEs:

  • Innovation fund
  • Bottlenecks fund
  • Various funds from the regional development company, LIOF.

A business may qualify for a grant, depending on the type of business and the business case for the investment concerned.


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